Cyan Capital Group

Commercial and Luxury Home Loans

Cyan Capital Group offers a full range of mortgage loans. Cyan focuses mainly on commercial loans and luxury home loans, empowering us to provide specialized, expert service to our clients and do it faster than competitors.

Because we are funded by private lenders, Cyan Capital Group can approve you for loans that banks simply cannot match. Cyan provides such premium loan products as:

We understand that for our clients, these kinds of highly specialized loans are often the most effective funding solutions available, and we work to make these solutions accessible to qualified applicants like you.

Cyan Makes Commercial Loan Financing Easy

When you’re ready to purchase a commercial property, Cyan Capital Group has the necessary expertise to make the financing possible. Get a commercial construction loan, commercial mortgage financing, health care or assisted living loan, hotel loan, or an investment property loan, and a financing option that makes sense and works for your business.

Cyan Specializes in Foreign National Loans

At Cyan, we understand the complexity of financing for foreign nationals living inside and outside the United States. Since 9/11 and the recent mortgage lending crisis, most banks regard foreign national loans as too risky. Not Cyan. If you have qualifying assets in your country, we are pleased to provide a range of funding options to help you meet your goals here in the U.S.

Whether you need commercial loans or residential super jumbo loans, Cyan Capital Group is ready and able to help. To get the funding you need with the fast, professional service you deserve, contact us today.

Cyan Says “Yes” When Others Say “No”

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