About Cyan

Cyan Capital Group is a premier provider of commercial mortgage loan and residential mortgage loan solutions. Cyan serves the U.S. real estate market from company headquarters in New York City.

Cyan’s mortgage loan professionals have more than 25 years of combined experience and will expertly select and customize a loan product to meet your specific needs.

Cyan matches qualified loan applicants with private funding sources and offers a full line of financial products designed to help increase your cash flow and your bottom line. Welkin specializes in commercial mortgage loans and luxury home loans, as well as loans to foreign nationals.

Cyan provides clients with a wide variety of funding options, both for residential and commercial properties. Popular mortgage loan solutions include:

Residential Mortgage Loans

Commercial Mortgage Loans

Whether you are building or acquiring a high value property, make Cyan Capital Group your funding source. While Cyan serves many clients and properties in the New York Area, we provide mortgage loans across the nation.

You can count on receiving fast and professional service from Cyan Capital Group.

Cyan Says “Yes” When Others Say “No”

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