Commercial Mortgage Loans

What is a Commercial Mortgage Loan?

A Commercial Mortgage Loan is used to finance a commercial property. A commercial property is any real estate used for a business. Commercial mortgage loans can be used for any business purpose:

  • Cash for operations
  • Leasing new equipment
  • Renovate, expand or repair an existing structure
  • Purchase real estate
  • Build a new structure

What kinds of Commercial Mortgage Loans does Cyan Capital Group offer?

Cyan Capital Group has a wide variety of commercial construction loans to suit the specific needs of borrowers, builders and developers. These include:

What are the benefits of Cyan’s 10% Down 504 SBA Loans?

These loans allow you to acquire commercial property and finance up to 90% of the purchase. 504 Loans, a program of the Small Business Administration (SBA), give you the opportunity to use more of your cash for business expansion or other business purposes.

What are the benefits of Cyan’s 7(a) Loans?

The 7(a) Loan Program, administered by the SBA, helps start–up and existing small businesses obtain financing when they might not be eligible for loans from banks and other large lending institutions.

What are the benefits of Cyan’s Interest Only Loans?

An Interest Only Loan allows you to reduce your monthly payments because you only have to pay the interest on the mortgage, not the principle. Interest Only loans last for a specified period, often 5-10 years. The unpaid balanced is amortized for the remaining term.

What are the benefits of Cyan’s Unlimited Cash Out Loan?

There is no limit to the amount of cash you can take out of a refinance with an Unlimited Cash Out Loan. Most banks and other lenders limit the amount of cash you can takeout of a refinance.

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