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Commercial Financing

Construction Loans

Typically, construction loans are short-term loans utilized by borrowers to finance building or development costs. Every construction loan varies depending on the product, the length of the construction process, and the borrower’s experience. Welkin Capital Group helps developers find the best method to proceed with their project through one of our customized commercial financing solutions.

Bridge Loans

All types of short-term financing can be accessed for complex or challenging situations in terms of both timing and product. Bridge loans are designed to be paid back relatively quickly, such as by a subsequent longer-term loan. Bridge loans can be a key component in a long-term strategy for real estate borrowers. Welkin Capital Group creates the loan that you need and helps the borrower to understand all the subtleties and conditions that will effect their investment.


Similar to a construction loan, a renovation loan may involve financing for the specific purpose of upgrading an existing property. Welkin Capital Group’s lending professionals are able to help borrowers plan and close these transactions using the appropriate methodology.

Acquisition/Refinance Loans

Welkin Capital Group creates commercial financing programs for properties including but not limited to:

  • Apartment/Multi-Family Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Mix Use
  • Office Buildings/Retail
  • Hotel/Motel/Resort
  • Office/Medical Complex
  • Healthcare/Senior Living/Hospitals
  • Not-For-Profit Organizations
  • Industrial
  • Raw Land/Land Improvement
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Golf Courses
  • Agricultural Properties
  • Gas Stations/Convenience Stores Special Purpose

Welkin Says “Yes” When Others Say “No”

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