hero_Foreign Nationals Finally Shown Welcome Mat for Luxury Home Purchases in America

Foreign Nationals Finally Shown Welcome Mat for Luxury Home Purchases in America

In Manhattan alone, in the first quarter of 2010, there were over 400 sales of homes in the $2 million and up price range, compared to 311 in the first quarter of 2005. But even though luxury homes were selling, lenders’ fears prevented some foreign buyers from purchasing a home in America.

Super Jumbo Loans for Foreign Nationals

At least one area lender that seemed to buck that trend was mortgage broker Welkin Capital Group. Even though many of their competitors have balked at funding foreign national home purchases in America, Welkin Capital Group continued to offer super jumbo luxury home mortgages of $2 million and up as if it were business as usual.

“We’ve never stopped offering luxury home loans to Americans or foreign nationals,” said Alan Goldberg, CEO of Welkin Capital Group. “Our investment money is funded by private capital,” Goldberg added, “and they saw no risk as long as we were dealing with qualified buyers.”

Favorable Conditions for Foreign Nationals to Buy Luxury Homes in the U.S.

Now, for the first time in nearly nine years, it may be the ideal time for foreign nationals to consider purchasing luxury homes in America. Xenophobia after 9-11 forced foreign buyers to give up almost any hope of owning a second home in America.  But now, foreign nationals are once again being shown the welcome mat if they’re interested in buying a home in the U.S.

There are many favorable factors in today’s real estate market that make foreign nationals’ purchases of a luxury homes in America a reality in today’s market.  U.S. mortgage rates are at historic lows. There are an abundance of luxury homes in the New York Tri-State market, and many of the more expensive homes are being offered at much lower and  more reasonable prices. And the recent turmoil in stock and currency  markets overseas has encouraged even investment in American properties.

Foreign nationals also know that the U.S. government is one of the most stable governments in the world and some U.S. state governments grant tax breaks to foreign nationals wishing to purchase real estate in America. As long as market conditions remain favorable, it is a perfect time for foreign nationals wishing to purchase a luxury home in America to make their wishes come true.

Welkin Says “Yes” When Others Say “No”

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